Admission Requirements for EU Students
Citizens from EU countries apply for admission in the Romanian educational system under the same conditions as Romanian citizens.
The recognition of the studies completed in their home countries is provided by the National Center of Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas (CNRED) of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, according to the law. CNRED applies an automatic recognition procedure since 2008 for diplomas obtained from accredited educational institutions in any country of the EU, EEA and Switzerland. For further details regarding the recognition and equivalence of studies, please visit:
Every higher education institution has to submit the application file for admission to studies in Romania to the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research (the minimum period of processing the application is 30 days, up to 60 days). If a positive decision is reached by the Ministry, a “Letter of Acceptance” is issued and sent to the higher education institution.
Citizens from EU countries who wish to study in the Romanian educational institutions shall:
a) Have the documents proving the citizenship of the respective state;
b) Have the necessary qualification, attested by educational documents;
c) Have the necessary educational documents for EU students, when applying in Romania, which are:
• Baccalaureate diploma or equivalent, for the admission to bachelor studies;
• University diploma or equivalent, for the admission to master studies;
The methodology of the admission is set by individual Romanian educational institutions.
Language requirements:
When applying for an educational program in the Romanian language, foreign citizens have the obligation to submit a Romanian language certificate. Therefore, for the courses taught in Romanian, the candidates should first enroll for the Preparatory Year of Romanian.