“Dear students, the gates of Spiru Haret University are open for you! We are looking forward to your joining our large family!”

Prof. Aurelian A. BONDREA, Ph.D. Rector of Spiru Haret University

Why Spiru Haret University

Rooted in tradition while stepping into the future, Spiru Haret University is accredited under Act 443 of July 5, 2002 and states its academic autonomy and private property as guaranteed by the Romanian Constitution.

Fully integrated in today’s global society, at SHU education, learning and research are conducted at the highest levels of excellence. A signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum, SHU offers an extensive range of academic subjects pursued with passion and commitment in 42 Bachelor programmes and 32 Master programmes. The entire education process is in accordance with the provisions of the Bologna Charta and with the study programmes of the European Space of Higher Education.

At SHU, the fulfilling academic experience which prepares students to face the challenges of tomorrow is accompanied by a worldwide recognized diploma. Thus, we prepare global citizens who are ready to make a positive impact on society and are employable anywhere in the world. Some of our alumni are currently employed with companies and institutions in other European or non-European countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia.

Our generous infrastructure and state of the art facilities provide a diverse and engaging academic experience in lovely  Romanian cities such as Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Craiova, and Câmpulung – Muscel. Here, students from around the world have the opportunity to discover the richness of Romanian culture and traditions.

Inspiring lectures delivered by an enthusiastic academic staff through innovative teaching techniques take place in spacious lecture halls.

Critical thinking is encouraged and creative ideas are born in vivid debates hosted by cosy seminar rooms.

Practice makes perfect so we encourage inquisitive minds to put theory to the test in modern laboratories.

Well-equipped libraries and reading rooms provide strong support for individual researchers as well as research groups.

Choosing SHU means:

  • access to the Blackboard e-learning platform and use of all the services provided by it which allow for modern and innovative teaching techniques while promoting digital literacy
  • challenging and diverse didactic activities coordinated by academia who offer counselling and guidance
  • nurturing your curiosity and expanding your knowledge by accessing the faculties’ traditional libraries as well as the virtual library
  • 30% discount for textbooks and courses published by the România de Maine publishing house
  • involvement in the scientific research programmes which aim to build a better tomorrow
  • opportunity to participate in scientific national and international symposia, held by faculties and research centres of the university dedicated to the advancement of knowledge
  • chance to stand out from the crowd by publishing original papers in the Spiru Haret University publications and in the Opinia Natională weekly
  • accommodation in our own dormitories in Bucharest
  • the start of your success story.

Admission requirements

The potential candidate for enrollment at one of the faculties of Spiru Haret University should
submit the following documents :


1. Application for the issuance of the Letter of Acceptance (to be requested at ) 
2. Certified copy of a graduation diploma (certificate) of a form of secondary education (high school, secondary school etc) or any other type of document certifying graduation
3. Certified copy of the Transcript of records (high school, secondary college etc.)
4. Certified copy of the birth certificate
5. Certified copy of the marriage certificate (if any)
6. Certified copy of the passport
7. Medical certificate
8. Proof – payment order for the payment of the tuition fees


1. Application for the issuance of the Letter of Acceptance (to be requested at
2. Certified copy of the B.Sc/B.A. degree (or any other graduation diploma issued by a higher education institution)
3. Certified copy of the Transcript of Records of the undergraduate studies
4. Certified copy of the birth certificate
5. Certified copy of the marriage certificate (if any)
6. Certified copy of the passport
7. Medical certificate
8. Proof – payment order for the payment of the tuition fees

*All the above-mentioned documents shall be submitted in English, French or Romanian. The application file should be mailed at: Spiru Haret University – Biroul Studenti Straini, str. Ion Ghica nr.13, sector 3, Bucharest, Romania, zip code 030045, or scanned, by e-mail, at

Applying for a visa

Visa requirements for Non-EU students:

Proof that you are accepted at Spiru Haret University(USH)
– The letter of acceptance issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education for studies at USH (admission based on his/her school documents);

The payment in full of the annual tuition fees;
USH will issue an annual contract of studies for the student;
USH will release evidence that the approval for studies has been granted and provided room and board, against charge (a down payment is required for room and board, for minimum 90 days).
Getting the residence from The Romanian Immigration Office. Upon the acceptance of the student for studying at the University, USH will submit to the Romanian Office for Immigration a letter of acceptance for the student, along with the evidence of full payment for room and board for 90 days. The purpose is that the student should be granted the right of temporary residence in Romania. 

Getting Visa from the Romanian Mission or Consulate in your home country. Documents required to be submitted by the student, in order to be issued a long-term visa for residence in Romania:

1. the letter of acceptance from the Romanian Ministry of Education for studies at USH 
2. the proof of full payment for the academic year
3. the certificate of criminal record, issued by the country of origin
4. the proof of accommodation at USH (a 90-day worth advance payment for the dormitory)
5. the proof of payment for the daily meals at USH (a 90-day worth advance payment)

At the Consulate and the Customs, the student needs to present proof that he/she is able to support himself/herself for a 90-day interval (the equivalent in EUR of 3 minimum wages, in cash or as a bank statement).


Faculties and undergraduate programmes


Master’s degree areas of study / programmes



Accommodation is provided by USH in our dormitories located str. Moldovita nr. 5 – 10, sector 4, for EUR 120.00 / month.